HAMBURG | 12.03.2019

Change at the top: Dirk von Borstel appointed new CEO of Yieldlab – Marco Klimkeit assuming advisory role

There is to be a change on the Yieldlab Executive Board: with effect from 1 April, Dirk von Borstel will assume the position of CEO at the leading supply side platform (SSP) vendor in the premium publisher segment in Europe. He succeeds Marco Klimkeit, founder and former CEO of Yieldlab. Klimkeit is withdrawing from operative responsibility at his own request after nearly ten years and will accompany and support the company in an advisory capacity in future. Dirk von Borstel, who as long-serving Managing Director of the daily newspaper marketer OMS is one of the very first Yieldlab experts, comes from the corporate trade vendor Active International, where as Manager for Germany he was responsible particularly for the expansion of media business. 

Marco Klimkeit (39) founded Yieldlab in 2010 and in subsequent years successfully expanded the pioneer for programmatic advertising and data-driven yield optimisation belonging to virtual minds Group into the top SSP vendor in the premium publisher segment in Europe. With his proven talent for identifying the needs and requirements particularly of premium publishers and marketers, Klimkeit consistently focused the technology model from the outset on a transparent and efficient ROI-optimised inventory management across all channels. Thus, Yieldlab supported from the start first price auctions and provided its own header bidding solution with Yieldprobe already in 2012, well ahead of the market. Today, the customers of Yieldlab include 18 of the top 20 AGOF marketers. Its platform for automated media selling is linked to the demand side platforms (DSP) and trading desks of practically all media agencies and advertising customers.

“Yieldlab has achieved a great deal together with the leading media companies. With the establishment of a high-quality programmatic solution for the supply side, we provided publishers early on with a value-oriented intelligent automated marketing independent of the major US vendors,” explains Marco Klimkeit, outgoing Yieldlab CEO. “I’d like to thank a great team, with which I was able to achieve this success, and I’m glad to pass the baton on now to Dirk von Borstel. Dirk was one of the first people to whom I presented the idea of Yieldlab in 2010, and I’m convinced he will continue the company’s success story along with the team and in virtual minds Group.”

Bernd Hoffmann, virtual minds CEO, points out: “Yieldlab is one of the core technologies in the full tech stack of virtual minds and with its impressive performance, which is above all also qualitative, decisively contributes to ensuring that our programmatic offer holds an excellent position vis-à-vis international competition. That’s due particularly to the good efforts of Marco, whom I’d like to thank most cordially for his sustained, market-oriented development work in the technology and product area and his great personal dedication over all the years. I’m delighted that Marco will remain connected with us in future with his know-how and expertise. At the same time, I’m very glad we’ve been able to obtain Dirk von Borstel for forthcoming work at the head of Yieldlab. His extensive media and digital expertise and many years of experience with the development of new, fast-expanding business areas will greatly promote the further growth of Yieldlab and the whole of virtual minds Group and help us strengthen and continue to expand our position as top independent European adtech vendor.”

An accomplished marketing and business development specialist is taking over the helm at Yieldlab. A native of Hamburg, Dirk von Borstel (46) began his career in 1998 at the technology vendor Real Media Deutschland (today Xaxis/WPP Digital). He has held management positions at large national (digital) marketers such as OMS and AdLINK Internet Media. In 2017, von Borstel joined the US corporate trade vendor Active International, for which he managed business in Germany with strategic refocusing on even more extensive fulfilment possibilities for more marketing and media performance.

In the top management of Yieldlab, which includes Hendrik Kempfert, virtual minds CSO and since December 2018 also Yieldlab CSO, as well as Ghanem Awn, Yieldlab COO, Dirk von Borstel as CEO will be responsible for the stratgic focuses of the company, corporate governance, market and product development as well as the technology and personnel areas.

“I’m very much looking forward to assuming my new position in a successful and established German adtech company and taking the next development steps together with the Yieldlab team,” says Dirk von Borstel, designated CEO of Yieldlab. “Yieldlab will position itself as an EU-based company in the long term as central independent vendor in the automated media trade – innovative, transparent, GDPR-conform and with sustainable performance. As a strong partner for publishers, media agencies and customers. That’s the right way forward for the autonomous German and European advertising market.”

About Yieldlab

Yieldlab is the leading supply-side platform (SSP) in the premium publisher segment and stands for the continued development and growth alongside the top media brands in Europe. With Yieldlab YRD, which is a technology developed in-house for yield optimisation and programmatic advertising, publishers are able to monetise their entire media inventory automatically in real time and across all digital channels bundled on one platform. Yieldlab thereby makes media offers and advertising campaigns economically successful.

As a German company, Yieldlab attaches the greatest importance to security and service. This is why in addition to its service and consulting team Yieldlab’s development centre and the data centres it owns are also located in Germany. Yieldlab's platform is thus the basis for secure and efficient relations between buyers and sellers.



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